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Section J (JV3 Verification Method)


Regions covered – NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC


Classification types - Class 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 type buildings in accordance with the NCC (National Construction Code). Applies to shops, offices, bulky retail, hospitals, day care facilities, recreational facilities, Medical facilities, showrooms, schools and other commercially uses spaces.

Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1, requires minimum levels of energy efficiency to be achieved for non-residential buildings (Class 3-9) to reduce the amount of energy a building requires for its normal operation.

Part J.1.0 – Minimum requirements for the building fabric

Part J3.0 – Requirements to achieve compliance with sealing the building against losses air gaps

Part 5.0 - Air-conditioning and ventilation systems requirements

Part 6.0 - Artificial lighting and power maximum requirements or limitations

Part 7.0 - Heated water supply and swimming pool and spa pool plant

Part 8.0 - Facilities for energy monitoring


The JV3 assessment provides verifies that the maximum energy use of the proposed building does not exceed the energy use compared to the same building assessed using the provisions set out in the deemed to satisfy solution. As long as you can demonstrate that the minimum requirements have been achieved though the design then the building is deem to satisfy the requirements of section J.


The deemed to satisfy method does not look at how the building works holistically. Our JV3 report allows adjustments to be made to the insulation requirements and solar absorptance of the walls / glazing, Roof and slab. This allows for in cases for floor insulation to be removed, Less stringent glazing to be applied, dark roof and wall colours to be used. Additionally, a total energy use deficit can be offset with the application of a renewable energy source.


Provides greater design flexibility

Allows for designs that are unattainable with DTS requirements to be implemented

Supersedes the requirements of floor insulation and the glazing calculator.  

Provides a more rational design that costs less to construct

Design improvements include increased energy performance, aesthetics, and reduced complexity in design

Why Use 10 Star Building Assessments

Our assessors have experience in the construction industry with a great knowledge of project costs. This allows us to provide recommendations that can meet compliance but using methods that reduce the construction cost of the building. Should we identify through this process that the outcome may require an alternative solution, 10 Star Building Assessments can facilitate the use of advance modelling software and complete a JV3 assessment.

In our experience this approach has contributed in construction savings in some cases in excess of $100k.


What should you expect.

We pride ourselves on providing a quick response and meeting the clients’ expectations. A well-constructed JV3 Assessment can save you thousands of dollars during the building process, along with delivering ongoing savings across the life of a building.  By using 10 Star Building Assessments. Our network of industry professionals allows us to test and confirm that our recommendations continue to remain current with industry changes.

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