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10 Star Building Assessments Showcase

Updated: May 10, 2021

10 Star Business Assessments

10 Star Business Assessments met with various businesses and professionals to showcase how the experience and knowledge of our team has beneficial results.

Attending the presentation was a selection of local businesses to on the Barrington Coast.

Rebecca Clarke showcased the history and experience of 10SBA. Having handed over several large commercial projects over $15 mill, defect free, is a real testimony to the eye for detail we have. Focus of the presentation was on the building reports we complete and the benefits of using an expert to complete a defects inspection report on a new dwelling or commercial property.

Key point of recommendation to the group was “Prior to handing over the final payment on an new home construction or purchase, engaging 10SBA to complete a defects inspection will ensure that you have the right information to resolve any incomplete works or defective works”. Having good foreknowledge of potential outlay costs allows you to have a correct expectation and to be able to set aside costs.

Everyone had a story to tell, either someone they knew or themselves, in trying to negotiate with a builder / developer / property owner the rectification of a defect.

Rebecca demonstrated a project in Port Macquarie where our client was looking to purchase 2 townhouses. Our client used our list to negotiate with the developer and builder to have the works completed to a satisfactory level. Items picked up were paint overspray on windows, alignment of doors, cladding that had one coat of paint instead of the 2-3 recommended coats, unset screws in the plasterboard and more. Although the builder was reputable the 3-4 pages of defects to each townhouse showed that many items still fall under the radar.

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