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NatHERS – Nation wide house energy rating scheme


Regions covered – NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC

Classification types - Class 1, 2 and 4 type buildings in accordance with the NCC (National Construction Code) 2019

10 Star Building Assessments are an accredited practitioner in the HERO and Firstrate5 modelling software. Our organisation is accredited with an Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAO) ABSA (Australian Building and sustainability association). The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) was established to help make Australian homes more comfortable, use less energy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the cooling and heating of the dwelling. The intent is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia whilst we continue to use coal powered fuel.


Once we have received your request for quotation we will provide a quotation along with the any additional or missing information we may find. This process streamlines the timeframe and provides us with the necessary information to input into the NatHERS compliance software. Using our expensive knowledge we can provide recommendations to achieve a cost effective building whilst maintaining a thermally comfortable dwelling. You will be provided with a energy report outlining the requirements to meet the minimum heating and cooling load limits for your climate zone.


Why choose the NatHERS compliance pathway


The thermal modelling software replicates the dwellings walls, orientation, glazing, shading, heights and more. It divides the dwelling up in to usability zones and anticipates whether these will be occupied in the day or night, morning or evening, little of high use. An anticipated energy consumption is then provide per zone in MJ/sqm/yr. This approach allows for offsetting from zones that are not performing well against others that are. Specific improvement can be made to individual walls, ceilings, windows to achieve compliance. This approach will improve the dwellings thermal comfort and meet the requirements of our clients.


Upon completion a NatHERS certified energy Star Rating will be provided. History demonstrates that dwellings that can demonstrate a higher performance in reducing energy consumption can achieve up to 5% higher market values than their competitors.


Why use 10 Star Building Assessments


We pride ourselves on providing a quick response and meeting the clients expectations. A well-constructed NatHERS assessment can save you thousands of dollars during the building process, along with delivering ongoing savings across the life of a home.  By using 10 Star Building Assessments, you are able to develop sustainability options that will make your home more liveable and reduce the energy consumption per year to meet your needs. Our network of industry professionals allows us to test and confirm that our recommendations continue to remain current with industry changes.

You will experience open dialog, constructive suggestions and meeting your timeframe restraints.

NATHERS house energy rating scheme
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