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10 Star Building Assessments have a extensive knowledge of the construction industry. Having worked extensively under the National Construction Code Volume 1 and 2 with all class of buildings (class 1-10) we can provide a level of expertise that is unique and well rounded. Our experience has provided us a network of experts in the construction industry that we are able to utilise to include, confirm or refute in our reports as required.

Our qualifications include

  • Lic Builder,

  • AdvDipl Construction Management,

  • Cert1V Certificate IV NatHERS Assessment & Home Sustainability Assessment,  

  • GC21 Conflict Resolution , Alternative Dispute Resolution & Cooperative Contracting

  • UNSW expert witness training.


For more information on our experience

When a dispute cannot be rectified personally or with the assistance of NSW Fair Trading, the matter can be heard by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). We provide support and assistance as the matter progresses with our comprehensive expert witness reports, scott schedules to support your case. Our independent assessment is backed by a well drafted and unbiased written report.

10 Star Building Assessments will assess the condition of the works at the centre of the dispute and formalise the findings in an expert report that can be used as evidence in a hearing. As well as outlining our formal qualifications and experience, our expert witness reports also summarise the facts of the case, whether the work is defective according to the relevant standards, the methods of rectification, and a cost estimate to remedy the defects or incomplete work.

Expert opinions must comply with the relevant state code established by legislation for the conduct of witnesses. These codes specify that the expert's general duty is to the Court, rather than the party retaining the expert.

An expert witness should provide independent assistance to the Court by way of objective, unbiased opinion in relation to matters only within his or her expertise.

It is the duty of the instructing solicitor to supply the expert with a current copy of the appropriate code. This core principle is followed throughout Australia.

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