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BASIX (Building Sustainability Index)


Regions covered – All NSW

Classification types - Class 1, 2 and 4 type buildings in accordance with the NCC (National Construction Code) 2019 / 2022

A BASIX Certificate is required to be provided to the local council or certifying authority along with the submitted plans for all new homes, alterations and additions over $50,000.00 in value.

BASIX is the pathway for compliance for all class 1 and 2 and 4 type buildings in NSW. BASIX endeavours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in conjunction with the government targets. The difference from others states and territories is that BASIX looks at the dwelling holistically, taking into account the Water usage, Insulation, Glazing and Energy use.

BASIX has 2 pathways of compliance for thermal assessments

  1. DIY Method – This is restricted to a maximum floor area of 300sqm and cannot have a glazing area greater than 40% and less than 6% of the total floor square meters. It must be a single dwelling on one lot without a mezzanine floor.

  2. Simulation Method – This is completed by accredited by an Assessor Accrediting Organisation (AAO) to conduct Simulations for the Thermal Comfort Index of BASIX

Why we recommend using 10 Star Building Assessments

We pride ourselves on providing a quick response and meeting the client's expectations. Once we have received your request for a quotation we will provide a quotation along with the BASIX preferences selection sheet. This process streamlines the timeframe and provides us with the necessary information to input into the BASIX software. Using our expensive knowledge we can provide recommendations to achieve a cost-effective building whilst maintaining a thermally comfortable dwelling. As we are accredited practitioners in both HERO and FirstRate5 5 software we can transition from the DIY method to the simulation method and provide a certified energy star rating. A well-constructed BASIX assessment can save you thousands of dollars during the building process, along with delivering ongoing savings across the life of a home.  By using 10 Star Building Assessments, instead of taking a chance with DIY paths, you are able to develop sustainability options that will make your home more liveable and reduce the energy consumption per year to meet your needs.

BASIX assessments from $200.00 for an alteration and addition, $300 basic new home. (all prices excl GST and certificate fees)

BASIX certificate
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